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Demon The Fallen Player Guide Pdf

This section helps players flesh out both their demon and human characteristics by providing extra information on the True Name, the history of the Rebellion, and how a demon reacts to gaining a human host.

Demon The Fallen Player Guide Pdf

Demon: The Fallen is a 2002 tabletop role-playing game released by White Wolf Publishing. Set in the World of Darkness, players take on the role of a demon - a fallen angel who descended to the Garden of Eden with Lucifer, only to be condemned to Hell after a long war with Heaven. The game focuses on "infernal glory" as its central theme for storytelling and character development - the acquisition of power to restore the Fallen's grace as well as to potentially reconnect with humanity, all the while staving off their own agony and evading monstrous demons.

Upon their emergence, the Fallen quickly discovered that they were not the first to escape the Abyss. Hundreds of other demonic spirits were summoned back to Earth in the intervening centuries through the use of sorcery, and were then anchored to objects in place of the bodies possessed by the Fallen. This unnatural connection had left them hollow, tormented, and possessed of alien emotions and thought processes, as these artifacts do not provide the buffer against the memories of their suffering in the Abyss. The five Archdukes, lieutenants of Lucifer, were the first of the fallen angels to be summoned back to Earth. These included Asmodeus, Azrael, Dagon, Belial, and Abaddon, but were soon followed by hundreds of lesser-known demons. These "Earthbound" are immensely powerful, having had centuries to practice their abilities to perfection, as well as having been worshipped as gods by deranged cults for millennia. The rise of organized religion, as well as the Age of Enlightenment drove them into hibernation, but the return of the Fallen has led to the awakening of many of the Earthbound, who take steps to revive the cults which worship them, as well as enslave or destroy the Fallen. Every Earthbound possesses their own goals, but most involve the enslavement of humanity so that their potential can be harnessed to achieve the ends of that individual Earthbound.

The Fallen are divided into seven Houses. These are permanent aspects of the demon's design that the player must choose while creating their character. This determines what Lores the demon has access to and subsequently influences their apocalyptic form and basic predispositions.

The Malefactors, known formally as Anunnaki, were angels of the forge, of tools, and of the earth, and were to guide humans in mastering these skills. But the humans were unable to follow the angels' instructions, and from this frustration they came to despise their mentors, much to the angels' confusion. When the War in Heaven broke out, they became rebels mainly because of their hatred for the humans they once loved: hatred against God for not allowing them to help the humans directly; and because they felt the others loved them. Once sentenced to Hell, they were without pure earth and fire and began to feel empty. Now free, they've found the humans have learned to use tools and manipulate the Earth, but have (as the Anunnaki see it) destroyed the planet in the process. These demons now see their goal as the destruction of the human race, so that the planet might be healed.

It's said that a young witch was crying for her fallen love when an old demon heard her sorrow. Seduced by the beast promises, she turned her tears into a magic key. And so, with that key, demons were released all over our Kingdom of Castilla. The King Alfonso VI of León has gathered his loyal knights in a mission to finish the nightmare. Guide the valiant Don Ramiro through the cursed lands of Tolomera and fight demons and undead creatures for God and Castilla! 350c69d7ab


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